Saturday, 14 October 2017


HCM Data Loader (HDL) - What is the Scope Parameter?
Setting the scope for HDL is one the steps in preparing your Oracle Fusion HCM environment for data conversion or integration using HDL. In this article we will discuss available options and evaluate pros and cons for each. 

Where to specify the HCM Data Loader Scope?

You need to specify the scope parameter on the fusion setup manager task – Configure HCM Data Loader. 
Available Options: 
Limited Mode:- Only business objects not supported by HCM File-Based Loader can be loaded using HCM Data Loader. Limited mode was designed for early adopters of HDL in R9 and it allowed customers to test use of HDL for newly supported objects without disrupting their use of FBL for existing objects. For e.g. One can continue to use FBL for existing integrations and uptake HDL for newly supported objects such as Document of Records, Security Objects , Area of Responsibility, Role mapping etc.  
Full Mode:-HCM Data Loader is used for bulk loading data into all supported business objects. HCM File Based Loader and HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader are disabled. With R10 and GA for HDL, Full mode is the default for all new customers. Existing customers who upgrade to R10 will not be forced to switch to Full mode, however they must start planning for this move.  Switching from Limited to Full is a one-time switch and customers and their partners must take action to convert data files to work with HDL before they make the switch to Full mode.
There is NO back and forth switch between these modes so if you switch to full mode, there is no going back to FBL. User interface will not allow you to switch back to Limited mode once scope has been set to FULL. It will also disable the HCM Spreadsheet loaders as they are based on FBL engine. (Payroll Batch Loader or Compensation Spreadsheets or Benefits Enrollment Spreadsheets should continue to work as is)
HCM Spreadsheet Loader:
Here is the navigation for HCM Spreadsheet Loaders which will no longer work if you use HDL full mode. As you can see, this does not include speciality loaders such as Payroll Batch Loader or Compensation Spreadsheet loaders or Benefits Enrollment Upload etc, as those spreadsheet loaders will continue to work even with HDL full mode. HCM spreadsheet loaders accessible via Data exchange UI are based on FBL engine and thats the reason why they will not function in HDL full mode. 
You could be implementing Fusion HCM very first time or simply trying to switch from FBL to HDL, before you get started with HDL you must understand the implication of the scope parameter. This parameter controls whether the system is using HDL in Limited or Full mode and determines if you could use HCM Spreadsheet loaders or not. In future these limitations should be a non issue once HDL compatible spreadsheet loaders are released. 


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