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Error  :
ERROR : An invalid hint was specified for the contractType flexfield attribute in the METADATA line. The Contract Information context is invalid for the PER_ASSIGNMENT_EIT_EFF flexfield code. (HRC-1035426)

The issue can be reproduced at will with the following steps:
1. Navigator -> Data Exchange
2. Import and Load Data
3. Import worker.dat - AssignmentExtraInfo
4. See import error

The issue has the following business impact:
Due to this issue, users cannot import worker.dat.

Space in context name is causing a problem.
Determined by reviewing dat file.
Recreate a context without space(manage extensible flex fields) and if space is required, please give _ and try to load the data

Error :
 You must provide a value for the attribute From Date

The issue can be reproduced at will with the following steps:
Load batch data
The cause has been identified as
1. Value for DateFrom is missing in PersonEmail 
2. Assignment and WorkTerms - date splits are not matching
3. AssignmentNumber in Assignment and WorkTerms are matching.

This has been confirmed after verifying worker.dat file provided by customer
To implement the solution, please include the following things in Worker.dat file
1. Adding DateFrom in PersonEmail 
2. By providing effective end date for assignment
3. AssignmentNumber in WorkTerms should be WorkTermsAssignmentNumber

Error  :
Getting errors when importing a DepartmentTreeNode.zip 
The staging tables are empty


Load - An error occurred when evaluating advanced grouping and ordering expressions in procedure HRC_DL_UTILITY.CHUNK_STAGE_LINES at step 150: ORA-01436: CONNECT BY loop in user data.
The issue can be reproduced at will with the following steps:
1.Load DepartmentTree data using HDL
Data issue 
There is a line with the same value for DepartmentName and ParentDepartmentName. That is generating loop in user data.
1. Correct the data by providing a correct value for ParentDepartmentName different than the value provided in DepartmentName

2. Re-test the issue

Invalid Assignment Category attribute
1. Navigate to Workforce Deployment -> Define Common HCM Configuration -> Define Workforce Records -> Define Employment Record Values -> Manage Work Terms and Assignment Lookups.
2. Select EMP_CAT and make sure the errored Assignment Category is available for the specific legislation. If not there, create one. 
3. Please make sure you enter the end date as end of time (12/31/4712) correctly

Error: You must provide the new start-date value in the New Start Date field.
Cause: There exists a WorkRelationship(WR) with SourecSystemId(SSI)= 'WRXXX' and DateStart is 'XXXX-XX-XX'
1 If you are trying to create a new WR, please change the SourecSystemId(SSI)of WorkRelationship Also its reference in WorkTerms and Assignment
2 If the intention is to correct the existing WR, then provide DateStart = XXXX/XX/XX and its new value in 'NewDateStart'
3. The error "You must provide the new start-date value in the New Start Date field." is thrown in the case of update WorkRelationship when the DateStart
in the DB does not match to the one provided in the dat file.
Please check if the WR already exists in the DB.
4. Also please have the value of NewDateStart removed from WR. This attribute is used to capture the new value of DateStart if in case it is required to move the DateStart.

Error: The values XXXX are not valid for the attribute JobId.
Solution: Load/Create Job file and re-laod the worker file

Error: The object PeriodOfServiceId attribute value is null and does not match the parent object expected value 300000005094797.
Cause: Employee might get transferred from one legal entity and other legal entity
Solution: Handle this case as a global transfer

Error: The value of the attribute SalaryBasisId is not valid
1. When the legislative data group id of the salary basisrecord referred in the salary record does not match with the legislative data group id derived from the legal entity id of the assignment record - this error is thrown. This could be due to the update of the legal employer value of WR records which would not have been successful.
2. In some cases, this could happen due to invalid salary basis records being referred.
3. In some cases, this could happen due to invalid salary basis records being referred.
1. Could be resolved by delete and reload of the associated WR.
2. Load the Salary Basis records into Fusion prior to loading the Salary records.   
3. If we are still not able to resolve the issue, log a Oracle Support Service Request with the Loader_Batch_ID or Batch_Name to help you with Salary load failing with this error (SAAS customers only)
After a worker is created, you cannot update the user information or roles through the Worker Service. Solution: Make updates through the User Service.

Written By: Duggireddy Narendra


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