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Payroll Setup Tasks for Financial :

Payroll integrates with Oracle Fusion Financials. You must set up components in Financials, such as chart of accounts and ledgers, before you can set up banks to process payments, associate a ledger to a payroll definition, and run processes to distribute costing results.
Complete the following setup tasks in the Setup and Maintenance work area for the chart of accounts and ledgers. The application implementation consultant job role can perform the following tasks.

Chart of Account Setup Tasks :

Complete the following tasks to set up your chart of accounts information. Later, you associate the chart of accounts to a ledger.


Manage Chart of Accounts Value Sets : 
Create new or review existing value sets, which you will associate with a key flexfield segment.
Manage Chart of Accounts Structures :
Create account structures that specify the segments to include, their order, and the value sets that
will validate the data entered in the segments.
Oracle Fusion General Ledger predefines the Accounting key flexfield.
Manage Chart of Accounts Structure Instances :
Create account structure instances, which you will use to record transactions and maintain account
Manage Chart of Accounts Value Set Values :
Create groups of values, which you will assign to a key flexfield segment.
Manage Account Hierarchies : 
Search, create, and edit hierarchical groupings of accounts.
Manage Accounting Calendars :Set up accounting calendar period details. Determine the total number, frequency, and duration of the accounting periods.
Manage Account Combinations :
1. Create account combinations if the structure instance of your chart of accounts flexfield
doesn't allow dynamically created account combinations
2. Create accounts for each account combination used in payroll. As a best practice, use the
same account numbers for your payroll and general ledger accounts.
3. If you reconcile payments in Oracle Fusion Cash Management, create an account
combination for reconciliation differences.

Ledger Setup Tasks :

You perform the following tasks as part of the accounting configuration setup for Global Payroll.
Manage Primary Ledgers :Create a ledger with a chart of accounts, accounting calendar, currency and subledger accounting
Note: If you are creating bank information, you must create a primary ledger.
Assign Legal Entities
Add the legal entities that use the ledger.
The Manage Legal Entity HCM Information task associates the payroll statutory units for legal entities to the legislative data group.
Specify Ledger Options
1. Complete all the fields for the General Information and Accounting Calendar, and Subledger
Accounting sections.
2. In the Period Close section, select the Retained Earnings Account you will use for payroll.
3. In the Journal Processing Intercompany subsection, select the option to launch AutoReverse
after the open period.
Assign Balancing Segment Values to Legal Entities :
Assign specific balancing segment values to each legal entity before assigning values to the ledgers.
By specifying this information, you can more easily identify legal entities during transaction
processing and reporting
Assign Balancing Segment Values to Ledger :
Optionally, assign specific primary balancing segment values to the primary and secondary ledgers
to represent transactions for nonlegal entities, such as adjustments.
Manage Reporting Currencies :
Review and update reporting currencies.
Reporting currencies maintain and record subledger and general ledger journal entries in additional
Review and Submit Accounting Configuration : 
Submit your configuration.
Open First Period : 
Open the first period when you are ready to process transactions for the ledger.
After you open the first period, use the Manage Accounting Periods in General Ledger to open and
close periods, and to specify the target period that concludes the series of calendar periods.


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