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To know the payroll subscription details:
Define Features by Country or Territory

Prerequisite Tasks for Payroll Setup :

1)Define Geographies for HCM

2)Define Enterprise Structures for HCM

3)Payroll Setup Tasks for Financial

  Chart of Account Setup Tasks

 1. Manage Chart of Accounts Value Sets

2.Manage Chart of Accounts Structures
3.Manage Chart of Accounts Structure Instances
4.Manage Chart of Accounts Value Set Values
5.Manage Account Hierarchies
6.Manage Accounting Calendars
7.Manage Account Combinations
8.Manage Account Combinations

  Ledger Setup Tasks

  1.Manage Primary Ledgers

2.Assign Legal Entities
3.Specify Ledger Options
4.Assign Balancing Segment Values to Legal Entities
5.Assign Balancing Segment Values to Ledger
6.Manage Reporting Currencies
7.Review and Submit Accounting Configuration
8.Open First Period

4) Payroll Setup Tasks for Banks and Cash Management

5)Define Payroll

6)Define Earning and Deduction Definitions

7)Payroll Product Usage

1.Payroll Product Usage

 2.Setting Payroll Product Usage

8)Profile Options

1.Payroll Employment Hierarchy Profile Option

2.Viewing and Editing Profile Option Values

9)Pay Frequency

1.Pay Frequency Components

2.Consolidation Group Usage
3.Payroll Definitions
4.Managing Payroll Definitions
5.Creating Payroll Definitions
6.Using Time Definitions for Severance Pay
7.Restricting Payroll Processing
8.Object Groups

10)User-Defined Tables

1.Creating a User-Defined Table for Matched Row Values

2.Creating a User-Defined Table for a Range of Row Values
3.User Table Validation Formula Type 

11)Fast Formulas

1.Using Formulas

2.Writing a Fast Formula Using Formula Text
3.Writing a Fast Formula Using Expression Editor
4.Formula Compilation Errors

12)Balance Definitions

1.Payroll Balance Definitions

2.Balance Dimensions
3.Balance Feeds
4.Balances in Net-to-Gross Calculations
5.Balance Exceptions
6.Creating a Balance Exception Report


1.Element Classifications

3.Element Eligibility 

14)Earnings and Absence Elements

1.Creating Earnings Elements for Payroll

2.Creating Payroll Elements for Absence Management
3.Creating Elements for Time Card Entries
4.Net-to-Gross Earnings
5.Creating a Net-to-Gross Earnings Element


1.Creating Voluntary and Pre-statutory Deductions

2.Creating Elements for Pension Deductions
3.Entering Calculation Values for Pensions
4.Adding Involuntary Deductions to a Calculation Card
5.Fee and Proration Rules for Involuntary Deductions
6.Involuntary Deduction Processing

16) Proration and Retroactive Pay

1.Payroll Event Groups

2.Setting Up Element Proration
3.Prorated Earnings and Deductions
4.Creating a Proration Formula
5.Retroactive Pay
6.Adding a Retroactive Event Manually

17)Calculation Information

1.Payroll Calculation Information

2.Payroll Calculation Information at the Legislative Level
3.Calculation Cards
4.Calculation Value Definitions
5.Wage Basis Rules
6.Calculation Factors 

18)Rate Definitions

1.Rate Definitions

2.Creating Rate Definitions
3.Using the Rate Calculation Formula

19)Payment Methods

1.Bank, Branch, and Account Components

2.Creating Account
3.Entering Bank Information for Personal Payment Methods
4.Organization Payment Methods
5.Payment Methods and Payroll Definitions
6.Setting Up Payment Sources in Organization Payment Methods
7.Third-Party Payment Methods

20)Payroll Costing

1.Payroll Cost Allocation Key Flexfield Setup

2.Cost Hierarchy
3.Setting Up the Cost Allocation Key Flexfield
4.Payroll Costing Elements
5.Payroll Setup Tasks for Sub ledger Accounting
6.Payroll Setup Tasks for Costing Accounts
7.Payroll Setup Tasks for Transferring Costs to General Ledger
8.Payroll Costing of Elements
9.Payroll Cost Results
10.Cost Allocation 
11.Costing for a Person
12.Distributed Costing

21)Payroll Flow Patterns

1.Creating Payroll Flow Patterns

2.Payroll Flow Pattern Parameters
3.Payroll Flow Pattern Tasks Start and Due Dates
4.Managing Corrective Tasks in a Payroll Flow Pattern
5.Payroll Flow Checklist and Flow Tasks
6.Creating a Payroll Flow Pattern to Reissue a Check
7.Editing Payroll Flow Patterns
8.Editing Payroll Flow Patterns
9.Editing a Payroll Flow Pattern

22)Payroll Process Configuration

1.Payroll Process Configuration Groups

2.Payroll Process Configuration Group Parameters
3.Payroll Logging Parameters 
4.Parallel Processing Parameters

23)Security Profiles

1.Creating Payroll Security Profiles

2.Payroll Flow Security and Flow Owners
3.Creating Payroll Flow Security Profiles


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